Continued Closure of Pittenweem Harbour

Message from Fife Council

“To Pittenweem Harbour Users,

As you may have been aware we have had Forth Logistics attend site to attempt to clear and break up the main masses of storm related debris in the inner harbour over the last 2.5 days. They are now being stood down as the clearance operation is resulting in diminishing returns in terms of removal of debris.

Forth Logistics have been engaged to drag the channel as well, but have to date not been able to do this due to weather conditions. We are currently liaising with them to get a date for completion of this task, as we anticipate that there is a high likelihood of debris in the channel as a result of recent storm activity.

To that end the previous Local Notice to Mariners remains in force and the harbour remains closed.

We will update you as soon as we have a date for the dragging of the channel.

We appreciate that this remains a frustrating situation for us all, but the effects of the storm have been unprecedented in recent times, and we will continue to do our best to clear the seabed within the harbour and channel to re-establish safe passage for vessels as quickly as possible.”

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